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Aging With Hope

Hope, Hope, Hope-is it overworked? Everywhere I look, so many blogs focus on hope and even some organizations and ministries use hope in their name. We say we hope you are doing well, don’t lose hope, here’s hoping, it’s hopeless, hope springs eternal and they all refer to the future. People can live without food and even water for a limited time but it is said we cannot live without hope. We are desperate for hope. No hope, no life.

As we get older our hope may diminish, or at the very least we downsize it. Our former lofty wishes have either been fulfilled by now or never happened. The heady dreams of youth may have slowly eroded leaving you feeling empty, uninspired. During Covid isolation and lockdowns you may have even lost your connections to your support network making life all that much tougher. You may have grown weary asking yourself whatever is there to be hopeful about anyway.

We should not allow our dreams and hopes to diminish or vanish as we age. LL Cool J says there is no deadline on our dreams. He’s right! Instead aging should fortify our hope in Christ. After all, we’ve witnessed a lifetime of God’s unending faithfulness and grace. He has never let me down! Why should we lose hope now so near to the finish line! Because the truth is, logistically speaking, we are likely closer to seeing God face to face than those around us, certainly closer than we were when we were younger! That’s cause for mounting joyful hope, more joy than we have ever known. Don’t let go!

I find myself pondering heaven more and more…

Have you ever been to the funeral of someone who held tightly to this hope? That type of grief is vastly different in that there is great hope in seeing that loved one again in heaven…and meeting Jesus!

“…you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope…”

1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

“These things I have written unto you, that ye may know ye have eternal life…”

1 John 5:13

If there ever was a man who should have lost hope it was Job. Not only did he lose his animals and even his children, he lost his health, too. What an incredible blow to bear! Then he lost the support of his closest friends. Not many other people have ever suffered more loss that Job. And yet….

“Though He slay me yet will I trust him!” Wow!

Job declares, “Still I will Hope in God.” Job 13:15

It’s important to note that God allowed Satan to test Job. He knows our hearts, our innermost thoughts. God knew Job would remain steadfast. When you have that much faith, the faith of Job, nothing can shake it. I wanna be like Job!

My little grandson is learning to sit up. We have a video of him raising his wee arms up and, without looking, deliberately falling back into his mom who is sitting behind him to catch him every time. He doesn’t have to see her to know she is always there to rescue him. That’s a picture of our Father catching us. We know he is there. We have great faith that He will catch us.

The theme of Week One of Advent is Hope. God’s people looked forward to the Saviour arriving on earth. They waited and prepared for Him with great anticipation because they knew the Hope that he would bring would be a light in the darkness of the world. Now we hope again for Jesus to arrive the second time, not at all as he did at His humble birth, but rather with all the majesty due the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings! We prepare our hearts and again live in great expectation and hope as they did the first time He came to earth as a wee babe. Come Lord Jesus, come!

When you feel hopeless look to Jesus, the anchor for our soul. Indeed we have a glorious Hope!

The old hymn says, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness….all other ground is sinking sand”

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