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Pickleball or Pickles

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I’m the oldest of three girls. Both of my sisters have recently embarked on a journey they’ve never taken before. I’m truly so proud of them! One is teaching herself to knit through Youtube videos-no in person tutoring with covid. This is truly remarkable because she has never had a hobby of any kind, nor does she enjoy reading. She is truly an extrovert and would far rather chat over a coffee in her spare time than do just about anything else. She’s had an extraordinary amount of stress over the past few years and yet she is finding the concentration required to learn a new skill empties her mind of her worries a little each day. Way to go Flori!

My middle sister is a severe diabetic. The diabetes is now producing other very debilitating outcomes. However, she has embarked on a healthy eating program, to build better habits. She may well be saving her own life, plus, she is telling me how much she is enjoying the process! She is on track to successfully meet her goal. After 4 needles a day for years, her blood sugar numbers are normal! Her doctor is astounded! What a gift to herself and to all of us who love her! Both sisters are such an inspiration. I didn’t prompt or prod them one bit... which is my usual m.o. This was all their own initiative and a wonderful surprise to me. I’m absolutely delighted for them both!


Ingredients-transportation, runners, pickleball paddle, a court, a pickleball.

Method- using your mode of transportation go to the court. Be sure that you are wearing your runners and don’t forget your paddle and pickleball. Ask for court schedule. Sign up for beginner class, or, if the court is presently free, go smash the ball around. Someone may come along to play with you!

Please note- If no court is currently available or if you have creaky knees like me, check to see if the pool is open (why waste a trip?) Make a plan to come back for a beginner pickleball lesson. EASY PEASY!


Beet Pickle Recipe

Ingredients-beets without the green leaves, water, sugar, vinegar, sterilized jars, a large pot and a smaller one.

Method-Boil beets in the large pot until tender. While they are cooking, in small pot boil together 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, and 2 cups white vinegar (some folks add whole cloves but I have never cared for them). Drain off the boiling water and run beets under cold water until you can handle them for peeling. Pack peeled, chunked or sliced beets into sterilized jars. Pour the sugar mixture into each jar to the very top. You may need to make more sugar mixture depending on how many jars of beets you have to fill. Seal-but be careful though as jars will be hot. I always flip them over till the next day to ensure none are leaking and are air tight. Store in cool space. Open and enjoy as you wish. They are delicious! A must at almost every meal at my house.


Put a jigsaw puzzle together

Art by Tracy Lee King

There you go! You’ve done something new! Good for you! It’s a wonderful accomplishment! Or maybe you renewed an interest in something you used to do a long time ago. I’d love to hear what you’ve done.

You get the point. Try something new. Amaze yourself. You won’t believe the benefits. It’ll will give you such a pleasant and delightful lift. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you’ll be amazed at the outcomes.

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