Upcycled to Joy!

It was still there. It hadn’t been sold since I saw it a month or more ago. It sure didn’t look like much, but I could see its possibilities. It was the only piece the right height. It would be perfect but how in the world would I ever get it home and inside. The stores are providing delivery, but only curbside.

Every time my son and his wife come to visit we make the rounds of all the local thrift stores. At the previous one I found lots of wee treasures for my home and garden. But in this store of mainly used furniture the only item I was interested in was this huge old dresser type thing from a hotel. It may be solid and sturdy but it had indeed seen better days.

“Can I help you?” he said. The clerk had been eyeing me as I’d been measuring and calculating, ruminating over this possible purchase.

“I looked at this a while back but I see its still here. Perhaps it’s meant to be,” I said.

“We had a number of them but this is the only one left. It would make a great kitchen island,” the clerk continued.

“Yes but my problem is still the same as it was the first time I saw it-how will I ever get it inside my house?” I mused aloud.

“We only do curbside delivery as you know but I may have a solution for you.” He went to the sales counter, reached inside and handed me a card. It was from a local church.

It read, “Free pick-up & drop-off. ‘Freely ye have received, Freely give. Matt 10:8’

The store would hold it for me till Monday, 3 days from now, time enough to try to reach the church and hopefully make a plan. By the way, I believe that no encounter is chance. Every person along our path we meet for a reason, either to bless them or that they are meant to bless us. And, sometimes they even teach us a thing or two. As it turned out the connection I made with this gracious young pastor who picked up the dresser and brought it here to me was indeed just such a blessing. He kept saying he only wanted to show kindness to folks because God had been so good to him. I want to know more about him so we plan to meet again over coffee. People like this are a light so that when I need a way their light brightens my path forward…isn’t it wonderful how that reciprocal illumination works in our lives!

My oldest son had discouraged me from making the purchase the first time I saw it. Old, discarded, and well used, he just couldn’t see what I could, but once inside my kitchen he began to view it differently. For Mother’s Day he agreed to help me transform it.

I thoroughly washed and disinfected every square inch of it followed by 2 coats of primer. Then my son gave it three coats of paint-yellow, yes, happiest yellow I could find. I have eclectic tastes and I love bright bold colours. Pastels usually scream indecision to me, that you can’t make up your mind, so you settled. A short trip to my friend’s farm and I drove away the proud owner of enough barnboard for the stool side of the island. And wouldn’t you know it, acacia wood butcher-block countertop was on sale. Who doesn’t love a deal!

This piece makes me happy! It’s something I have imagined in my kitchen since 2007 but couldn’t afford. We must live within our means, right, so I waited! It wouldn’t suit everyone but it suits me well.

When it greets me each morning it surely makes me smile every time. It speaks to me.

Actually it speaks to me beyond its oh so pleasant appearance. My walk is my daily praise and prayer time with the Lord. Yesterday during my stroll as the island neared completion I was delighting in how blessed I am. I feel that after all these almost 70 years I am now living my best days loving Jesus more deeply as each one passes and writing about it, exploring new depths of His profound being, patiently waiting to sit at his feet, anticipating his mere presence which will, I’m sure, explain all I have ever wondered about in this world.

“For in Him I live and breathe and have my being.” Acts 17:28

As I walked along I could feel a blog taking shape about my “new” island. I too had been well used and well worn. At times I have felt unnoticed and insignificant, tossed aside…merely present, that’s all. Dreams were shattered because of unfulfilled potential. I felt I became very unattractive and I continually fought to even like me. I had secret broken bits...don't we all...

But Jesus whispered continually to me of my value to Him. He saw my beauty when I was not beautiful. He showed me that my worth could not be found in the eyes of others.

I am a treasure in His eyes. He sees me. He chose me. I had always trusted him, until I trusted Him! At 52 He gave me a second chance to fulfill my life long calling. Shifted and moved into place, my proper place at last, I felt all shiny, polished and cleaned up!

He sent the right people who came along side me “to hold up my arms” when I didn’t have the strength to hold them up myself. (Exodus 17) And during those hours of deepest anguish Holy Spirit groaned for me before the Father when I couldn’t find the words to pray for myself. (Romans 8:26) A metamorphosis began…and continues still.

The old worn out and battered person I was transformed into a princess, Daughter of the King! I too was upcycled to joy!

Oh, and by the way, the shop where I bought my treasure is called, "Restore!" Makes perfect sense doesn't it...