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Tell Us a Story or Contact Me

We all love a great story.  Stories are powerful.

They can reach us and teach us like nothing else can.

Stories have been shared since the human race began.

If you have a story of encouragement, this is where we’d love to hear it.

Tell us what blows into you, what inspires you. Is it a sport or hobby?

Maybe it’s a pet. Key relationships often lift us when nothing else can.

Perhaps there is a special place of peace where you love to spend your time.

What feeds your positivity?

Or, tell us a time when things looked bleak and yet you looked up.

There are many miracles out there too. God’s still in the miracle business!

The sky’s the limit here! I know there are literally millions of stories including yours.

We welcome your story here. Keep them positive and continue to Look Up!

Note: read the Cautions and Disclaimers below before submitting your stories and comments 

For any questions you may have, you may also reach me by email: or by completing this form:

Thanks for sharing and reaching out!


Please be aware that if you send me a story here you are giving Aging With Ardor permission to possibly post it on this website.   


Therefore, please carefully consider these guidelines for submitting. It is especially important that you read the disclaimer since your story may be chosen for publication here on Aging with Ardor (AWA).

  1. Submit only your own true story.  We believe positive authentic stories to be the most uplifting stories there are!

  2. Your story must be ultimately uplifting and encouraging to the reader.

  3. An average blog post is about 1000 words so that is the suggested length.

  4. Ensure that the blog you submit is not posted elsewhere on any other site except perhaps on your own site if you have one.

  5. Kindly include a 2 sentence bio which will be included at the end of the blog.

  6. Write on any topic you wish.

  7. A photo may be submitted or suggested with your story but may not contain a person or place that could be identified. It may or may not be used on AWA.

  8. Do not try to promote services or products in your submission. A link to your own site is OK.

  9. A quote or question in your submission is always helpful.

  10.  Word format is preferred.


I will make every attempt to inform you prior to posting your piece should it be chosen.

Let your own network know it has been posted and encourage them to share it too!



Anything posted on AWA should never be considered or construed to be professional advice. It is simply meant to uplift, inspire or encourage you, the reader.   

AWA is not responsible for the authenticity of any story published here but rather we trust them each to be factual and accurate, not embellished or contrived in any way. Do not send a story written by someone else or one that is posted elsewhere.

Nothing identifiable, no person, place or thing, may be submitted with or in your story. It will not be published.

Nothing defamatory or libelous may be included in your story. Neither will any speech deemed by AWA to be rude, slanderous or unfavourable. It will not be published.

You must understand that by submitting your story here to AWA you are giving AGA the use and rights to your story (exclusively) including the right to include it in an ebook which may be made for sale. If it is included in an ebook AWA will include your name and a link to your website.

AWA may edit your submission for basics such as for grammar.

Please ensure photo is yours to share, or is of you, or is from a public domain site such as  Unsplash which is what AWA uses. By submitting your story you are permitting AWA to use it.

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